Suva Grammar School started out as two separate schools, called the Suva Boy’s Grammar School and the Suva Girl’s Grammar School.

The Boys Grammar School was located at Victoria Parade in Suva next to FDB, opposite the Traps Bar and Velop House.

The Girls Grammar School was located at Selbourne Street and now houses the Social Welfare Department and the Exams Section of the Ministry of Education.

In 1960, the school became co-educational and moved to its present site. Although the Grammar Schools became multi-racial in 1958, the student and teachers population of the new Suva Grammar School was mainly of European descent and it was still regarded as an elite school. The new Grammar School had Form 1 – 6 with each form having three streams and an average classroom population of 25 students per form. The curriculum of the school was based on overseas models with students having their exam papers and school materials sent in from abroad.

One of the main factors of Suva Grammar School becoming more multi-racial was the opening of the International Secondary School (ISS), where most of the European students opted to attend.

To this day, Suva Grammar School is a multi-racial, co-educational school that has a proven academic and sporting record. It now has Years 9 – 13 with six streams Years 9 – 12, and four streams of Year 13. It is operated by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Fiji.

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